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Cultural Crossings

the Case Studies of Canada and Italy

Autore/i: Aa.Vv.
A cura di: Biancamaria Rizzardi , Viktoria Tchernichova

Collana: diagosfera (3)

Pagine: 230
Formato: cm.17x24
Anno: 2011
ISBN: 9788846728319

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The Proceedings of the international conference Cultural Crossings: the Case Studies of Canada and Italy initiate Diagosfera's section dedicated to literary criticism. The essays contained in the volume fit in the work programme delineated by the series, which aims to publish texts that allow readers and scholars to cross cultural and linguistic boundaries. By contributing to the tradition of Canadian Studies in Italy, the volume explores disciplinary practices and conventions within the poetical and political dimension of writing about and among cultures. The essays collected in this volume focus on different meaning systems, ranging from the analysis of cultural "texts", to the interpretation of literary works focused on the relationship between memory and identity. Emphasis is also paid to the Canadian foreign policy, to linguistic diversity, to education and to the relationship between the notions of local and global.

The volume contains essays by:
Eva Darias-Beautell, Lawrence Jeffery, Bill Lane, Luigi Bruti Liberati, Letizia Lindi, Francesca Romana Paci, Oriana Palusci, Gianluigi Pelloni, Biancamaria Rizzardi, Pilar Somacarrera, Joanne Spataro, Viktoria Tchernichova and comments by Luca Codignola, Laura Forconi Ferri, Vita Fortunati and Anna Grazia Mattei.