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philosophical inquiries 

volume 11, 2-2023

Autore/i: AA. VV.

Collana: philosophical inquiries (199)

Pagine: 116
Formato: cm.17x24
Anno: 2023
ISBN: 9788846768452

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Stathis Livadas, Language versus reality: the case for phenomenology and the Deleuzian ‘heresy’, p. 9

Timothy Tambassi, Scientific realism and antirealism in geography, p. 33


Sergio Filippo Magni, Elvio Baccarini, Introduction: 15 years of discussion on moral enhancement, p. 53

Matteo Galletti, Internal and external moral enhancements: the ethical parity principle and the case for a priorization, p. 57

Francesca Guma, Creating capabilities to be better, p. 73

Elvio Baccarini, Public reason and biotechnological moral enhancements of criminal offenders, p. 91