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Simmel Studies 27-1/2023

Autore/i: AA.VV.

Collana: Simmel Studies (5)

Pagine: 152
Formato: cm.14,8x21
Anno: 2024
ISBN: 9788846767288

Stato: Disponibile
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Monica Martinelli, Die subjektiven und die objektiven Dimensionen des sozialen Lebens. Simmels sozio-anthropologische Perspektive., p. 9

Peter Dahler-Larsen, “The good wanderer leaves neither footprints nor traces”: On Georg Simmel´s “Individualismens Former” published during WWI, p. 53

Arthur Bueno, Flirting with Things: Simmel on Coquetry and Money, p. 79

Vincenzo Mele, In Search of a Unity or Persistence of Tragedy? On Simmel’s City Writings, p. 105

Reviews, p. 133

Authors, p. 15