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Synergies III, 2022

A Journal of English Literatures and Cultures

Autore/i: AA.VV.

Collana: Synergies (2)

Pagine: 108
Formato: cm.17x24
Anno: 2022
ISBN: 9788846765857

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p. 9, Gli occhi di Beatrice. Le parole e lo sguardo nei Notebooks di Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bartolo Anglani

p. 31 “In Tuscan fields, the winds in odours steeped”: Mary Shelley’s Tuscany, Nicoletta Caputo

p. 43 Female Visualities and Urban Experience in Amy Levy’s The Romance of a Shop, Anja Meyer

p. 55 “We Learned to Whisper Almost Without Sound”: Blurring the Boundary between Fiction and Fact in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Lorenzo Santi


p. 73 ‘Wanderlust Women’ – Three Poets. An Interview with Lesley Benzie, Donna Campbell, and Linda Jackson, Angel Antonio De Oliveira Amata, Tommaso Giannardi, Simona Peria, Giada Pinelli, Matilde Piu, Mariachiara Rosi, Chiara Rotondo, Greta Sergiampietri, and Veronica Vannucci


p. 85 Review of Francesca Mussi, Literary Legacies of the South African TRC: Fictional Journeys into Trauma, Truth, and Reconciliation, Lorenzo Santi

p. 91 Review of Stefano Evangelista, Literary Cosmopolitanism in the English Fin de Siècle: Citizens of Nowhere, Linda Fiasconi

p. 95 Recensione di Michela Marroni, Eleanor Marx. Traduttrice vittoriana e militante ribelle, Camilla Del Grazia

p. 99 Review of Franco Marucci, George Eliot’s “The Lifted Veil”: A Sequential and Contextual Reading, Anna Rocchi