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philosophical inquiries

volume 10, 2-2022

Autore/i: AA.VV.

Collana: philosophical inquiries (197)

Pagine: 272
Formato: cm.17x24
Anno: 2022
ISBN: 9788846764218

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Cristina Nencha, Aristotelian essentialism in David Lewis’s theory, p. 9

Matilde Liberti, Virtue and Continence: Defending their Cognitive Difference, p. 39

Giulia Lasagni, On What Makes a Social Group a Group Agent, p. 59


G. Mori, Introduction: Non-demonstrative proofs in early modern Europe, p. 85

J. Franklin, Late scholastic probable arguments and their contrast with rhetorical and demonstrative arguments, p. 99

B.J. Shapiro, The problem of certainty and the changing status of probable proofs, p. 117

F. Goyet, A brief history of the French verb convaincre, p. 139

G. Mori, Melchor Cano and the conundrum of historical scholarship: Probability and criticism in the sixteenth century, p. 159

S. Tutino, The Baby Jesus in a drop of blood: Evidence, credibility, and truth in post-Reformation Catholicism, p. 179

R. Schuessler, Probable Interplay: Reactions to Epicureanism and probabilism in the seventeenth century, p. 197

A. Artosi, G. Sartor, Betting and presuming: From God’s existence to morality and law, p. 219

Past Present

Marco Piazza, Sofia Sandreschi de Robertis, Victor Egger: habit, repetition, and the unconscious, p. 241

Victor Egger, The birth of habits, p. 255