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volume 9, 2-2021

Autore/i: AA.VV.


Pagine: 288
Formato: cm.17X24
Anno: 2021
ISBN: 9788846762047

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Giovanni Tuzet, Is deduction a source of knowledge? Vailati on pragmatism and prediction, p. 5
Laura La Bella, The essence of human freedom between Heidegger and Kant: Seinlassen and freie Gunst in the contemplative experience of the Being of beings, p. 25
Matteo Plebani, Wittgenstein and the philosophical significance of not solving the paradoxes, p. 37
Ernesto Graziani, Presentism and the pain of the past: A reply to Orilia, p. 49

Focus. Philosophy of art. New directions

Elisa Caldarola and Jerrold Levinson, Introduction, p. 65
Andrea Maistrello, On fraudulence in art, p. 69
Elisa Caldarola, On tags and conceptual street art, p. 89
Iain Campbell, Sonic obstacles and conceptual nostalgia: Preliminary considerations on musical conceptualism and contemporary art, p. 111
Xavier de Donato Rodríguez, Environmental integralism: New prospects for the ontology, the aesthetics, and the ethics of architectural works, p. 133
Marcello Ghilardi, On the way to a cross-cultural thought: Steps between European and Sino-Japanese aesthetics, p. 153
Remei Capdevila-Werning and Sanna Lehtinen, Intergenerational aesthetics: A future-oriented approach to aesthetic theory and practice, p. 171
Alice Barale, “Who inspires who?” Aesthetics in front of AI art, p. 195
Timothy Deane-Freeman, Chronopolitics in a minor key: Afrofuturism and social death, p. 221
Laura T. Di Summa, Identity and style: Fashionable, collective, and personal, p. 239

Past Present
Paolo Babbiotti, Mathis Marquer, Nikhil Krishnan Commentary to B. William’s French introduction to Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy, p. 259
Bernard Williams, Ethics, a matter of style? Introduction to the French edition, p. 269