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philosophical inquiries

volume 9, 1-2021

Autore/i: AA.VV.

Collana: philosophical inquiries (195)

Pagine: 244
Formato: cm.
Anno: 2021
ISBN: 9788846760463

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Marta Vero, Virtual trust: Persuasion in social media p. 9

Francesco Pisano, Neutral phantasies and possible emotions. A phenomenological perspective on aesthetic education p. 29

E.J. Coffman, Blameworthiness, Willings, and Practical Decisions, p. 49

In memoriam Paolo Parrini

Kenneth R. Westphal, Introduction. Paolo Parrini & relative a priori principles p. 59

Paolo Parrini†, Analyticity and Epistemological Holism: Prague Alternatives, p. 79

Paolo Parrini†, Quine on Analyticity and Holism: A critical appraisal in dialogue with Sandro Nannini p. 95

Focus. Ian Hacking and the Historical Reason of the Sciences

Matteo Vagelli, Marica Setaro, Introduction p. 115

David Hyder, Naturalism, pragmatism and historical epistemology, p.121

Manolis Simos, Theodore Arabatzis Ian Hacking’s metahistory of science p. 145

Massimiliano Simons, Matteo Vagelli, Were experiments ever neglected? Ian Hacking and the history of philosophy of experiment p. 167

Jacqueline Sullivan, Understanding stability in cognitive neuroscience through Hacking’s lens p. 189

Past Present, Le rationalisme appliqué Lucie Fabry A dialogical philosophy: Bachelard’s “Introduction”to Le Rationalisme appliqué p. 211

Gaston Bachelard, The dialogical philosophy. La philosophie dialoguée, p. 231