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Subtitling and Intercultural Communication

European Languages and beyond

Autore/i: Aa.Vv.
A cura di: Beatrice Garzelli , Michela Baldo

Collana: InterLinguistica. Studi contrastivi tra Lingue e Culture (1)

Pagine: 360
Formato: cm.17x24
Anno: 2014
ISBN: 9788846741493

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This volume, which officially launches the series of books InterLinguistica, brings together essays that explore the links between subtitling and intercultural communication in different audiovisual genres (cinema, TV, DVD and web), covering a wide range of European and non European languages. The need to investigate further the contact between subtitling and intercultural communication stems from the fact that subtitles are not merely instruments of representation of cultural differences but also potential tools for deconstructing cultural stereotypes and developing intercultural competence.
The book is divided into three sections. The first one (Subtitling and Inter-cultures) provides the analysis of case studies concerning the representation of cultural diversity and proposes to contrast the risks of ethnocentrism with the use of more creative forms of subtitling. The second section (Subtitling and Foreign Language Learning in Europe and beyond) explores the different ways in which subtitles can be used both in Foreign Language Teaching and in Translation classes, while the third part (Subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing and new technological frontiers) examines subtitles for special audiences and the use of new technologies (online software or respeaking software), addressing the question of subtitling quality.
The volume therefore represents a challenge: the beginning of a dialogue between Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication capable of offering fruitful insights into the realm of human communication.

H. Gottlieb; D. Katan; V. Bonsignori and S. Bruti; S. Carpiceci; G. L. De Rosa; Y. Gambier; A. Alessandro; G. Di Pietro; E. Bricco, A. Giaufret, N. Murzilli and M. Rossi; M. Gamal; T. Baumann; N. Talaván and P. Rodríguez-Arancón; J. Díaz Cintas; V. Ciotoli; S. Jekat and L. Dutoit; M. Miquel Iriarte.

Beatrice Garzelli teaches Spanish Language and Translation at the Università per Stranieri di Siena where she is Director of the Linguistic Centre (CLASS). Her areas of research are literary translation, Spanish-Italian contrastive analysis, audiovisual translation and the use of film and short film in the didactics of Spanish as a foreign language.
Michela Baldo is a lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Leicester. Her areas of research are literary translation, audiovisual translation and migrant writing. Currently she is investigating the notion of translation in queer diasporic scenarios and the migration/translation of queer written and audiovisual texts into the Italian cultural sphere.