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Earthen Domes et Habitats. Villages of Northern Syria

An Architectural tradition shared by East and West

Autore/i: aa.vv.
A cura di: Saverio Mecca , Letizia Dipasquale

Collana: Sentieri Saperi Progetti (3)

Pagine: 480, ill.
Formato: cm.22x24
Anno: 2009
ISBN: 9788846725356

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Earthen traditions are far too valuable to dismiss as irrelevant to the modern world and indeed future generations, they must remain as an example to the caring and ecologically aware architects and builders that are emerging around the world. (…) This European Union Project, and this book, have been achieved through a successful co-operation between the University of Florence, several European Universities and Institutions and the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums in Syria, adds a valuable window, shedding light on the northern Syria tradition of striking domed houses. The ICOMOS Scientific Committee for Earthen Architectural Heritage applauds and encourages such excellent publications in the search for an accurate and useable worldwide typology and description of earthen buildings. This book contributes a great deal to these goals.
John Hurd, President of ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for Earthen Architecture, Lincolnshire, Great Britain

Earthen architecture has very deep roots in the Syrian tradition. Excavations of ancient times have shown that in Mureybet, a Neolithic site in the middle valley of the Euphrates, the population used earth in combination with pebbles and elements of wood and straw to build the oldest type of circular houses of the region and probably in the world. (…) The discussion on earthen architecture and dome construction is thus becoming evermore fascinating and the several Syrian and European teams mentioned in this volume confirm that this system has a particular presence in our architecture, presenting us with the opportunity to work towards the most effective methods for its conservation.
Michel Al-Maqdisi, Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums DGAM - Ministry of Culture, Damascus, Syria

Saverio Mecca, architect, full professor, is Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Director of INN-LINK-S Center on Innovation and Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems of University of Florence
Letizia Dipasquale, architect, is Phd student at Department Technology of Architecture and Design of University of Florence