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Syrian and Phœnician Ivories
of the Early First Millennium BCE

Chronology, Regional Styles and Iconographic Repertories, Patterns of Inter-regional Distribution

Autore/i: aa.vv.
A cura di: Serena Maria Cecchini , Stefania Mazzoni , Elena Scigliuzzo

Collana: Ricerche di archeologia del Vicino Oriente (3)

Pagine: 356
Formato: cm.21x29,7
Anno: 2009
ISBN: 9788846724939

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Syro-Phoenician ivories constitute a most significant corpus of the artistic and archaeological documents of the 1st millennium Levant. They are consequently one of the traditional fields of research in the archaeology of the Near East, with many questions having long been the subject of passionate debate: the identification of regional groups and schools, their chronology, styles and iconographies, or, to sum up in R.D. Barnett's words of 1935 «The Problem of the Ivories».
The ivory workshop offered an opportunity to reappraise many of the traditional topics of debate regarding ivories, and to present the results of different restoration and museum activities being undertaken at the time, together with projects for the publication of the main corpora.

Acts of the International Workshop
Pisa, December 9th-11th 2004