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Humana.Mente - Journal of Phylosophical Studies was founded in Florence in 2007. Il is aa peer-reviewed international journal that publishes 4 issues a year. Each issue focuses on a specific theme, selected from among critical topics in the contemporary philosophical debate, and is edited by a specialist on the subject, usually an emerging researcher with both philosophical and scientific competence.

Humana.Mente wants to be a place for exploring the most recent trends in the international philosophical discussion and wants to give the opportunity to the international community of young researchers to confront each other, and to discuss, control and verify their theories. An analytic perspective is favored, and particular attention is given to the relationship between philosophy and science, without however neglecting the historical aspect of the philosophical topics.

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29 Visualizza Scheda

HumanaMente – 29 - Causation and Mental Causation
A cura di: Raffaella Campaner, Carlo Gabbani


€ 25,00

26 Visualizza Scheda

HumanaMente – 26 - Reframing the Debate on Human Enhancement
A cura di: Fiorella Battaglia, Antonio Carnevale


€ 25,00