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Il ritmo dello spazio | Le rythme de l’espace | The Rhythm of Space

Arte e scienza da Marconi alle Onde Gravitazionali

A cura di: Stavros Katsanevas

Collana: fuori collana

Pagine: 250, ill.
Formato: cm.24x22
Anno: 2019
ISBN: 9788846756633

Stato: Disponibile
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The exhibition proposes a fascinating journey through art and science against the background of the exciting discoveries of contemporary science.
The recent discovery of gravitational waves, resulting from the merging of black holes and/or neutron stars, producing vibrations in space-time, adds the “rhythm” or, in a certain sense, the “sound” of space, to the millennial understanding of the Universe as a sublime but silent visual image, and invites profound reflections on the embedding of the human in cosmos, earth and society.
The exhibition itinerary, curated by Stavros Katsanevas, presents installations, sculptures, videos, graphic works and photographs taken by the following artists: Gorka ALDA, Pavel BÜCHLER, Attila CSÖRGO,  Raphaël DALLAPORTA, Raymond GALLE, Bertrand LAMARCHE, Liliane LIJN, Letizia DE MAIGRET, Aitor ORTIZ, Tomás SARACENO, Jol THOMSON.