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Studi e saggi linguistici LIII (1)

Collana: Studi e saggi linguistici (531)

Pagine: 156
Formato: cm.17x24
Anno: 2015
ISBN: 9788846742476

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Table of Contents

The Acquisition of Case in German
Katharina Korecky-Kr÷ll, Wolfgang U. Dressler, pp. 9-36

Old English dryhtguma
Donata Bulotta, pp. 37-63

Prepositional Phrases as Noun Modifiers
Valentina Piunno, pp. 65-98

"Montrer au philologue ce qu'il fait". Notes on a Recent Chapter of Late-Latin Morphosyntax
Claudia Fabrizio, pp. 101-118

Review of Case, Animacy and Semantic Roles
Paolo Poccetti, pp. 121-127

Review of The Greek Verb. Morphology, Syntax, and Semantics
Elisabetta Magni, pp. 129-135

Review of Discourse and Pragmatic Markers from Latin to the Romance Languages
Margherita Donati, pp. 137-147