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A Gift to the New Bibliotheca Alexandrina

On October 16, 2002 the new Bibliotheca Alexandrina has been officially opened, recovered thanks to the efforts of Unesco and the international community, and rebuilt in the same ancient location. In our view,the new opening, has a relevant symbolical meaning, in that it hints at the importance of culture and civilizational values.

We knew of the event through the Web, and we forward it to all people together with our little proposal. The selection of some books to send to the Bibliotheca as a contribution to its rebirth and future development.

Edizioni ETS invites anyone, particularly its Authors and Readers, to pick up a book from their shelves and send it together with our expedition, which will be done in February.

If you prefer, you can send the book directly to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina at the following address.

Gift to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
El Shatby, Alexandria 21526

e-mail: secretariat@bibalex.org

Official site of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
An image of the ancient Bibliotheca
(source: www.bibliothek-alexandria.de)

Images of the new Bibliotheca
(source: Corriere della Sera)

(Edizioni ETS, piazza Carrara, 16 - 56123 - PISA - info@edizioniets.com


The new Bibliotheca Alexandrina,
opened October 16, 2002 (ag.
Grazia Neri)

To learn more
(source: Corriere della Sera, Italian)

Rinasce virtuale l'antica Biblioteca alessandrina
Biblioteca dÔAlessandria, dai papiri a Internet

Tour of the Bibliotheca guided by Omar Sharif
Real Audio Movie (64 bytes) from the Unesco site

Virtual tour of the Bibliotheca
(3D vrml) from the Unesco site

Useful sites

Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Unesco site)
All the numbers of the new Bibliotheca Alexandrina
of the Library




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