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SIMMEL Studies
New Series Volume 25-1/2021

Autore:  AA.VV.

Collana:  Simmel Studies (25)

Simon Lafontaine
Ideal Potentials in Action: Schutzian Affinities in
Simmel’s View of Life

Olli Pyyhtinen
Relations Along, not Between: Incorporating Becoming
into Relational Sociology (via ...

Simmel Studies 25-2/2021
Autore:  AA.VV.

Collana:  Simmel Studies (0)

Simmel and Love. Special Issue edited by Paulina Sabugal and Swen Seebach


Paulina Sabugal and Swen Seebach, Introduction. Simmel In/On Love, p. 9

Guy Oakes, Eros and Modernity: Georg Simmel on ...