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    Second Pisa Colloquium in Logic, Language and Epistemology
    Autore:  Aa. Vv.
    A cura di  Enrico Moriconi, Laura Tesconi

    Collana:  analitica (9)

    The origins of this collection of essays trace back to the “Pisa Summer Workshop in Proof Theory”, held in June 2012 at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Pisa, where several people urged the importance of devoting a volume to reflections concerning features of contemporary logic ...

    L'immagine scientifica e l'immagine manifesta
    Autore:  Wilfrid Sellars
    A cura di  Carlo Marletti, Giacomo Turbanti

    Collana:  Analitica (8)

    Wilfrid Sellars è stato certamente uno dei più importanti filosofi, non solo di provenienza angloamericana, della seconda metà del secolo scorso. I suoi contributi alla filosofia contemporanea spaziano dall'epistemologia alla teoria dell'intenzionalità, dal trattamento dei controfattuali alla ...

    Proof and Truth
    An anti-realist perspective

    Autore:  Luca Tranchini

    Collana:  Analitica (7)

    Semantic anti-realism aims at developing a theory of meaning in which bivalence - the thesis that every sentence is either true or false - fails. According to Michael Dummett, the prototype of such a theory is the intuitionistic explanation of the meaning of logical constants. For Dummett, ...

    Essays in Structural Proof Theory
    Autore:  Laura Tesconi

    Collana:  Analitica (6)

    The three chapters that constitute this book bear a common denominator in being focused on the relationship between structural properties of two prominent formalizations of logical deduction: sequent calculus and natural deduction. This relation imposed itself as one of the key topics of ...

    What is a model of axiomatic set theory?
    Autore:  Luca Bellotti

    Collana:  Analitica (5)

    This is a work in the philosophy of mathematics, about some philosophical issues connected with set theory, especially the conceptual question of the semantics of set theory. Specifically, some aspects of the classical philosophical question concerning the notion of model of axiomatic set ...

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