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Analisi e diritto, 2/2019

Collana: Analisi e diritto (183)

Pagine: 184
Formato: cm.16x23
Anno: 2019
ISBN: 9788846757289

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● Proceedings of the First Civil Law –
Common Law Forum in Legal Theory.
Methodology and Legal Theory

A. Dolcetti, J. Ferrer Beltrán, G.B. Ratti
Methodology and Legal Theory. Foreword 9

S.L. Paulson
The Neo-Kantian Dimension of Kelsen’s Legal Theory and its Limits 11

P.E. Navarro
Purity and Constraints in Legal Theory. Some Remarks on Paulson’s Analysis
of the Neo-Kantian Dimension of Kelsenian Theory of Law 31

C. Roversi
Law as an Artefact: Three Questions 41

L. Fernández Alle
Some Consequences of Law’s Artifactuality: Comments on Roversi’s Theory 69

D. Priel
Evidence-Based Jurisprudence: An Essay for Oxford 87

L. Malagoli
Muddle-headed lawyers? A Few Remarks on Brian Leiter’s
«Legal Positivism as a Realist Theory of Law» 117

C. Fernández Blanco
Current Approaches to the Rule of Law Are Not Enough for Latin America 129

Saggi (Essays)

R. Guastini
La molteplice identità delle costituzioni
(The Multiple Identity of Constitutions) 161

G.B. Ratti
Three Kinds of Logical Indeterminacy in the Law. Alf Ross’s Insights