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Innovative European Approaches for In-service and Pre-service English Language Teachers in Primary Education

Theory and Practice

A cura di: Davide Capperucci , Elizabeth Guerin

Collana: Education (8)

Pagine: 340
Formato: cm.15,5x22,5
Anno: 2017
ISBN: 9788846750617

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This volume presents language professionals with innovative theoretical and practical approaches which can be applied in Pre- and In-Service Infant and Primary Education, and beyond. It brings together contributions from high-level experts in different areas of language competences.
Language learning and teaching is a complex area which draws its knowledge from the interplay of research in many different disciplines. These disciplines are not always accessible reading for many language professionals.
The present volume constitutes an accessible ‘pathway’ for the professional development of language professionals. It is divided into three parts, each of which contains both theoretical and practical approaches to different aspects of language learning, teaching and assessment. Against a background of research and practice, it looks at professional communities, otherness, mediation, assessment and phonological awareness.
Practical examples related to developing lesson plans and learning strategies for curriculum design, intercultural competences, ICT, Task-based Teaching and Learning, Young Learner Assessment theory and practice, phonological awareness aim to inspire teachers and build their competences.

Davide Capperucci is a Senior Lecturer in Experimental Pedagogy at the University of Florence – Department of Education and Psychology – where he teaches Theories and Methods of Curriculum Design and Learning Assessment.

Elizabeth Guerin is a Lector in English Language and is an Adjunct Professor in English Language Learning-Teaching Methodology at the University of Florence – Department of Education and Psychology.